How it works

1. Highly secure digital commodities marketplace


Buyers and sellers can connect directly in a highly secure online marketplace with pre-vetted users ensuring authenticity of participants.

2. Secure digital documents


Via an internal chat (IM service) buyers and sellers can negotiate privately and build digital documents meeting their requirements and terms which are  cryptographically sealed, impossible to delete, edit or copy once created. Can only be altered with mutual all party authorisation. 

3. Asset transfer


A blockchain, escrow transfer service in a highly secure environment in real time. For long product journey times dollars are protected as assets journey to end destinations. Automatic alert systems for buyers and sellers as money and assets move through the system providing transparency. 

4. Digitally linked freight


Freight is digitally linked. Freight and insurance is calculated providing customers with best price and service. Digitally recognised documentation and QR codes. Freight can be tracked as it moves to its destination. 

5. Track products


Digital data taken from raw product can be collected and stored during the life of the product to consumers. Giving customers more confidence with their suppliers of the origin of their products they are purchasing. 

6. Settlement


A highly sophisticated but simple settlement process incorporating all government processes. Digital check points and human assessment authenticates and passes the product on arrival to dispatched specifications which releases payment to the seller digitally in real time. 


AXItour - an overview on how AXIchain works 


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