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The process of trading and exporting commodities has not fundamentally changed for decades. It’s a highly paper driven industry that is complex and cumbersome, requiring many steps and entities to process large value transactions and manage the buyers & sellers risks. 

AXIchain is a virtual marketplace of pre-vetted buyers and sellers in a global community. A digital B2B Trading Platform integrating all elements of global trade management, including e-payments, authentication of participants, logistics, trade finance, trade compliance, trade content, track and trace. 


Global transactions made easy

Cross-border wire transfers via the banking system is slow trapping liquidity and the use of Letters of Credit require up to 10 steps to process and if less than 100% compliance could mean loss of the payment guarantee to the seller. 

AXIchain system allows buyers and sellers to transact digitally on a secure platform without the onerous paperwork and high administrative costs. New Technology allows for real time currency transfers in a highly secure environment. 


Logistics - Track and Trace

A blockchain empowered digital platform that provides SMEs with the ability to securely trade internationally without the overhead and time frames associated with traditional processes.

AXIchain will digitally Track and Trace products maintaining integrity and up to date data of the products journey from producer to consumer. 

AXIchain Overview and Demo Intro

AXIchain Demo Intro

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